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i am sorry to say that mapgen hasn't been under development for quite a while. i've been trying to finally graduate and i haven't really had time for anything outside of school. not really even sure if there is a working version that supports sprites right now; didn't i post one? i'm afraid you may be out of luck if i didn't, i did not discover the magic of source control until just recently, so i was just making changes to the same code line as i went along. i might start working on it again at some point, my huge-pain-in-the-ass ai class is basically wrapping up next week, so i may revive the project, but don't quote me on it. i've since started using ubuntu, which i love btw, so if mapgen does get started back up again, you can hopefully expect less pain with the dlls.

Hate to bug you but I do have a couple of small requests.

Can I get access to the sprite-supporting version of mapgen?

And can you maybe whip off a version which does not use dll's? or doesnt try to write anything to the screen? I cant get the mapgen to work on linux, even under wine. And that seems nuts since the only thing it does that is a problem is that it opens a dos window to print info about its progress. I could automate some daily generations of the maps if the program didnt try to use windows gui to do that.

The Dom3 community is still drooling for wrappable maps, and loving your teasing screenshots of maps made with sprites.

Gandalf Parker

Nearly finished rewriting code to generate the provinces, after that the sprite placement needs to be done and hopefully then we'll see the alpha reslease.

Things that you will see in the alpha:

  • normal and toric map types
  • scripting features described here
  • windows only alpha
  • dom2 terrain types

Things you won't see in the alpha:

  • cylindrical wrapping map types
  • multi-platform capability
  • island map types
  • dom3 terrains

I'm limiting this because I really feel the need to get a release out. Once I get some feedback I can put some polish on some of the code that is closer to the core of MapGen and then move on to some of the shinier features, warp-around maps being first up.

MapGen, getting there by ParadoxHarbingerParadoxHarbinger, 27 Dec 2006 02:09
Forum Open!
ParadoxHarbingerParadoxHarbinger 26 Dec 2006 03:40
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The forums are now opened!

Forum Open! by ParadoxHarbingerParadoxHarbinger, 26 Dec 2006 03:40
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