1. given dimensions, number of water and land nodes and land percentage, water percentage inferred from land percentage
  2. place initial nodes, make sure they are well mixed
    1. land nodes or water nodes can be centralized, depending on the focus of the map, or they may be placed at random
    2. determine the closest distance that nodes may be to one another, regardless of their type
    3. determine the closest distance that nodes of the same types may be to one another, say twice type insensitive distance
    4. randomly place the nodes
  3. grow nodes close to the seeds, do not worry about balance yet
  4. grow nodes in general. nodes should be sufficiently close to other nodes.
    1. randomly select the node type, unless the land percentage becomes top high or too low; force the type appropriately until rebalanced

\begin{align} d = \sqrt{\frac{x y} {8 \pi n}} \end{align}
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